2024 Nanjing Half Marathon Starts on [The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon Course]


The vibrant spirit of youth leaps in the heart of the Yangtze River, as the world's gaze converges on the banks of the River!

On March 17th, the 2024 Nanjing Half Marathon kicked off at Singapore-Nanjing Eco-Tech Island at 8 o'clock! 20,000 runners from around the globe gathered at Nanjing Youth Olympic Forest Park, taking part in the race with the wonderful promise of "Living a Wonderful Life in Nanjing”. This event is certified by the Chinese Athletics Association and hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People's Government, with the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Sports and Nanjing Jianye District People's Government as the organizers.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of friendly cooperation between China and Singapore on the Singapore-Nanjing Eco-Tech Island, the 2024 Nanjing Half Marathon partnered with Singapore's renowned Sundown Marathon, and Sweden's WSG, inviting participants from all corners of the world through bilateral registration.

After intense competition, Tadele Demissie Yimer from Ethiopia secured the men's championship with a time of 01:01:24. Bamlak Yitayih Awoke and Chala Lelisa Debele took second and third place in the men's category with times of 01:02:02 and 01:04:57, respectively.

Tigist Dejene Derbe from Ethiopia claimed the women's championship with a time of 01:10:31. Enatnesh Wallelign Tadesse and Deme Ayelu Lema secured second and third place in the women's division, crossing the finish line in times of 01:12:20 and 01:13:05, respectively.

The event also introduced ranking awards for Chinese athletes. Guan Yousheng emerged as the champion in the men's Chinese category with a time of 01:05:33, while Di Yun and Xiao Shideng took second and third place. Wang Qing won the women's Chinese category with a time of 01:19:46, followed by Wang Tian and Ren Xiuzhi in second and third place.

In 2024, Nanjing will celebrate the 10th anniversary of hosting the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games. To commemorate the Games, 50 then staff members and volunteers from the Nanjing 2014 were specially invited to participate in this marathon as the "Youth Olympics Running Team”.

The 2024 Nanjing Half Marathon is not only a continuation of the spirit of the Youth Olympics but also a driving force in creating a world-renowned sports city, showcasing the new trends and achievements of the sports industry in Nanjing. It marks another "Nanjing Moment" in the city with the “Half Marathon in Spring, Full Marathon in Autumn”.

Throughout the marathon course, which has been praised as the "most beautiful marathon course in the world" by the former President of the International Olympic Committee, various units such as the police, traffic control, medical services, fire department, and media provided full support and assistance.

For this event, 16 medical posts were set up at the start and finish areas and along the route with 130 medical professionals and 14 ambulances dispatched from Nanjing's medical system. 200 medical observers/recorders and 60 emergency team members were optimally positioned along the course, equipped with 60 AED devices. Designated hospitals opened green rescue channels and dedicated beds to ensure comprehensive medical emergency support for the race. Additionally, 46 first aid runners were present to ensure the safety of the participants. Over 1,600 volunteers, recruited from universities and companies in Nanjing, added a vibrant touch to the event with their youthful presence!

From 2024, Nanjing will embark on a new journey in the marathon sports industry, with a new pattern of “ Half Marathon in Spring, Full Marathon in Autumn," marking a new chapter in the city's marathon scene. All runners are encouraged to take part in the 2024 Nanjing Marathon, which is scheduled to take place in this November, a season that is known as the most beautiful one of Nanjiang.